TakaWiki Hosting Fundraiser Time

ETA: We did it! We raised $873! Thank you so much for your overwhelming generosity, everyone.

Apologies for this, but it's unavoidable every couple of years.

Ahahahaha. So, not so funny story. Today I received an email from the TakaWiki webhost saying that my card had been declined to pay for this month’s hosting fees. Somehow I had lost track of time and two years had gone by since our last fundraiser. Yup, that’s right, we currently have $0.46 left in our TakaWiki hosting coffers. Sadly, we had to upgrade our hosting from $15-ish/mo to $30/mo because of how big the database has grown, so the money didn’t last as long as hoped.

SO! We need to raise some money. If we can raise $720, we’ll have the next two (2) years worth of fees all set to go. ($30/mo x 24 mo = $720)

So this is my urgent plea for everyone who uses the TakaWiki to please think about dropping a few dollars into the coffers. The English-language Takarazuka fandom has always been extremely generous; it’s the only way we’ve kept the TakaWiki up and running for 10+ years. Even if money is tight and there’s no way you can contribute, please pass on the word over various social media.

I’ll take down the page once we meet our goal.

Thank you all! -Jen (Feb. 14th, 2017)


Reinstall universe

Taidan? Please, not taidan....

Hi, Takarazuka fandom! So, I’m a fan of Miya Rurika, and I was on Takawiki (as one does) and discovered that she has a small theater lead coming up.

First response: Hooray!

But then I remembered rumblings I had heard that her future as nibante seemed verrry tenuous. And that often people who never quite make lead are given a small theater lead as a goodbye present.

And that Taidans tend to sound a bit like the lead’s name. (Dramatic S, for example)

Um. OH NO!

Reassure me, fandom? Or, alternately tell me I’m not crazy.

Also, if anyone knows anything more about Azure Moment than what’s on Takawiki, please tell me?

Sad News

Today I received some sad news. A Takarazuka fan has passed away today.
You might've seen her posts in livejournal. Helsgard was a great fan and introduced a lot of people to the world of Takarazuka.
In our household she is known as the 'rocket lady' because of her involvement in building a sub-orbital ship.
I regret that I never met her. We seemed to just miss each other on our trips to Japan.
Here is a link to her obituary.


Links for vintage collections

Hey all,

I'm looking to add a "links" page to my Takarazuka website "Takarazuka Forever" pointing to other people's collections. However I don't want to start tossing up links without getting permission.

So, if you have a site where you've added your own vintage scans and would like me to link to it on my page, please let me know.

Just a couple of quicks things . . .

1. I'm trying very hard to keep from posting stuff from 1970 onwards. This keeps me close to the public domain cut off and (I hope) keeps Hankyu from getting upset about everything. If your stuff is mostly from after this period I may not link it (I'm pretty sure Hankyu is aware of my site and I don't want to send them your way if you specialize in more current things)

2. The page averages three to six hundred hits a week (on weeks where there are a lot of updates it can hover around a thousand). It is fairy heavily visited. It will most likely increase traffic to your own site so you may want to keep an eye on your bandwidth usage if your site has a usage limit.

Finally, I have been hosting scans from other people who want to share their amazing books but don't have the time to set up their own pages. If you're in the same boat you can send me a link to your files (preferrably in a zip) and I'll add them to the site for you. Just let me know what name you'd like me to credit (I usually post is as "Courtesy of XYZ" or "From XYZ's collection".). It doesn't matter if you only have a couple of cherished things or a boxes of old treasures. The fandom would love to see it, I'm sure ^-^ /

Links can be posted in the comments below or you can send them to me at sumirecollection @ gmail.com (just remove the spaces)

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Hi guys,
some of you still may know me, some maybe not. I wasn’t here for months and now I’m actually back for selling big parts of my Takarazuka collection.
If you are interested in anything please don’t drop me a message here because I can’t access lj daily but send me an email to: mrmstanaka [at] gmail [dot] com
I accept paypal for payment and ship from Germany. All prices are in Euro and do not include shipping fees.
You would definitely help me out with buying parts of my collection. Thank you!
This will be crossposted on tumblr fyi
Items under the cut:
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For further information simply ask me via email!

Bringing cards or fan letters to Lincoln Center, an investigation

Condensed from this huge saga here.

I am in no way an expert about anything, but I live in New York and wanted to pass along my love to the stars. This is the best I've been able to figure out, and I hope it helps other fans!

According to the official representative of the Festival, they take no responsibility for whether or not your cards, flowers, etc get to the stars. You may not mail things to the theater. However, if you're willing to take the chance you may bring items to the theater. According to the box office worker, the way to do that is bring your cards to stage door and give it to the guard, to give to the stars at his discretion, and he probably will, unless he loses it or judges it inappropriate.

This is the stage door in question:

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DVD Sale

Hi everyone!

My friend wants to sell some DVDs (she isn´t a member, so please contact me):

DVD sell

1. TCAD-009: TCA Special 2002 "Love & Dream"

2. TCAD-034: TCA Special 2004 "Takarazuka 90 ~On the Road to 100 Years~"

3. TCAD-155: Ephemeral Love/Enter the Revue

-> each one for 70 Euro (shipping costs not included)

All DVDs are in very good condition, my friend bought them new.

If you have any question, don´t hesitate to ask!

Annual Fan Meet Ups/Cons?

Sooo, as the NYC meet up approaches I'm getting very hyped up about it!

I know Carly and I were probing interest in a Takarazuka convention before the OG Chicago was announced and took over, and there seemed a lot of interest, although people on the West Coast also weren't sure about traveling all that way.

Here's a thought.... What about alternating years East Coast and West Coast?

Is there anyone on the west coast who would be willing to organize something for the summer of 2017? Based on interest, we could do something small like 3-4 hours like we're doing in NYC this summer, or maybe aim bigger and think about renting a conference room or two for a day or two?

I dunno, but I'd be totally up for flying out to the west coast for something like this! I miss the anime cons I went to in the 90s. ;)