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ekusudei in takarazuka

TakaWiki Hosting Fundraiser Time

ETA: We did it! We raised $873! Thank you so much for your overwhelming generosity, everyone.

Apologies for this, but it's unavoidable every couple of years.

Ahahahaha. So, not so funny story. Today I received an email from the TakaWiki webhost saying that my card had been declined to pay for this month’s hosting fees. Somehow I had lost track of time and two years had gone by since our last fundraiser. Yup, that’s right, we currently have $0.46 left in our TakaWiki hosting coffers. Sadly, we had to upgrade our hosting from $15-ish/mo to $30/mo because of how big the database has grown, so the money didn’t last as long as hoped.

SO! We need to raise some money. If we can raise $720, we’ll have the next two (2) years worth of fees all set to go. ($30/mo x 24 mo = $720)

So this is my urgent plea for everyone who uses the TakaWiki to please think about dropping a few dollars into the coffers. The English-language Takarazuka fandom has always been extremely generous; it’s the only way we’ve kept the TakaWiki up and running for 10+ years. Even if money is tight and there’s no way you can contribute, please pass on the word over various social media.

I’ll take down the page once we meet our goal.

Thank you all! -Jen (Feb. 14th, 2017)




Going forward

Hello, I haven't been active in the Taka community for a while, like, several years, but am still interested in goings on and have had great use of the TakaWiki in that time. I would hate to lose it, especially since most information is in Japanese and from a Japanese perspective. I wonder if you'd consider setting up a patreon for it?
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