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Snow Troupe Top Star Mizu Natsuki Retirement Press Conference

Rough translation.

Snow Troupe Top Star Mizu Natsuki Retirement Press Conference
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On Friday, January 15th, Snow Troupe Top Star Mizu Natsuki held a press conference to announce that she would be retiring at the end of an as yet untitled performance which will run at the Grand Theater from June 6th to July 26th and the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater from August 13th to September 12th.

Kobayashi Kouichi (President of the Takarazuka Revue Board of Directors)
"Snow Troupe Top Star Mizu Natsuki will be graduating on the final performance at Tokyo Theater on September 12th. She experienced a lot of moving from troupe to troupe, and has grown and matured, becoming a model for Takarazuka, and I think she is now a major support to Takarazuka. She is also very dear to a great many of her juniors. Please gift her with your support so that she can shine more and more until the day she graduates."

Mizu Natsuki
"I will be graduating from the Takarazuka Revue on September 12th. Thanks to everyone who supported me from my Hatsubutai until this day, I can now announce my graduation peacefully like this. I would like to continue until the last day with the same stance I always have, facing my stage work with greater resolve than ever, and challenging myself. Thank you."

Q. What influenced your decision to retire?
A. Ever since I was honored with the main role in "Elisabeth", being on the stage was truly like being in a dream, and I wasn't consiously thinking of when I would quit, but I had a sense when we were doing "King Solomon's Ring / La Mariposa" that everything I had done in Takarazuka up till that point had reached fruition, and then I began to tangibly and consciously think about how much longer, how many more shows.

Q. What has you most excited about your sayonara performance?
A. As an underclassman my roles had a strong impression of being cool and sharp, and so I thought I must be that type, but as I've been given lighter shows and shows with a comedy touch I was able to expand my range of skills through running up against various walls. For the end, I would like to make a show that puts these inherent abilities and my own sense of self to the best use.

Q. How do you want to spend the remaining nine months until you retire?
A. I've always lived life to the fullest, so I want to work to create the best possible production along with fans and friends, to go to the very last without a single regret.

Q. Are there any productions that left an impression on you?
A. Of the many I've been given, all of them contributed to make me who I am now, but among them "Romeo and Juliet '99", "The Rose of Versailles", "King Solomon's Ring", and "La Mariposa". "The Rose of Versailles" was an instrumental production in my joining Takarazuka, to have appeared in it (let alone in three different roles), truly taught me a great many things. Without "The Rose of Versailles" I wouldn't be who I am now.

Q. How about AQUA5?
A. Again and again I was able to face new challenges, it made me think about what is the true greatness of Takarazuka, and I came to feel even more strongly about introducing more and more people to Takarazuka, so I am grateful for the valuable experience.

Q. A message for the fans.
A. Without the fans I wouldn't be able to stand on the stage as I have to this day, and there have been tough times, but because of the audience who came to fill our theaters I was able to stand, smiling, on the stage. If I get warm applause, no matter what was worrying me it could get spent n that time, and in that energy. So I'm very grateful, and I hope you will support the stage performer known as the otokoyaku Mizu Natsuki until the end.

Q. Plans for after leaving the Revue?
A. I love being active, so I think I'll probably want to do something with singing and dancing, and I'd like to spend my life learning by watching and listening to society. Rather than feel anxiety, I want to focus on the work in front of me now, and be hopeful about the things that I'll be seeing after I'm finished.
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