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Wao Youka on TV (BS2) on 13th Dec

For anyone who's interested, Wao Youka appeared on TV for 10 minutes to introduce the "Takarazuka Special" on BS2 next week, which will be showing a play from a different troupe every day from the 18th to the 22nd December.

There are a couple of small pictures and a little summary on this page. Make sure to check out the entries for the 12th and 15th December. :)

I have translated the summary below.

Today's "BS Fan Kurabu" is a close-up on the "Takarazuka Special". We received Wao Youka, past top star of Cosmos Troupe. Wao-san, in her first appearance on television since her retirement, answered questions from our viewers.

Q. What do you do in your daily life since you retired?
A. I'm training up physically to prepare for my concert in January. Apart from that, I spent so many years in Takarazuka - I think I'll never finish sorting through my stuff! (laughs)

Q. What was your nickname as a child?
A. "Taka-chan" or "Takako". My family called me "Taa-chan".

Q. Since your retirement, have your otokoyaku habits ever caused you to blunder?
A. It's not exactly a blunder but... while I was in Takarazuka, I learnt to sit with my legs wide apart, and now I'm out in the wide world, I'm having trouble remembering to close them.

Q. I've heard you're good at making kinpira gobou (finely chopped burdock root). Is there anything else you can prepare well?
A. Yakisoba (stir-fried noodles). My secret is lots of salt and pepper!

Q. After you retired, what was the thing you most wanted to do? And have you been able to do it?
A. Walking. I didn't use to walk much in Takarazuka, but now I'm walking like crazy. For at least 40 minutes, and if possible, a whole hour.

Q. What's your motto?
A. "Try hard without trying."*

Q. About the "Takarazuka Special" and Cosmos Troupe's Hotel Stella Maris?
A. In Hotel Stella Maris, which will be shown on the 20th, I play the role of William, who has been entrusted with redressing a hotel on the verge of bankruptcy. At one point, there's a scene where I have a massive row with the manager of the hotel, and both my senpai (older performer) and I got all flushed during rehearsals... I still remember it clearly.

Q. What about the "Takarazuka Special"?
A. Well, as well as a show I was in, it includes humour, tears and of course romance from Flower, Moon, Snow and Star Troupe, and they're all shows full of Takarazuka charm. I think even people who are new to Takarazuka should enjoy it. Please watch it!

*The original Japanese is "Ganbarazu ni ganbaru." Not an expression I know, so I'd be glad for any tips on what it translates best as!

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